My Cuban Love Affair!

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Hi Guys,

Yes i went to Cuba!!! and it brought back long lost memories from when i lived there as a teenager. I left when i was going to college and went back a few times for vacation but never got to go back after my parents left almost 4-5 years ago.

My brother finally graduated from Medical school so it gave me another opportunity to go back and experience Cuba as a tourist and i enjoyed every single moment. I really love Cuba cos of the vibrant culture, the people, food and colors you find around.

Wasn’t sure what to wear for this graduation at first so thought of the first thing that comes to my mind when i think of Cuba and voilà! i decided to look like a Señorita basking in the hot Cuban Sun!

I really enjoyed my short trip to Cuba but most importantly was proud of my little brother who is now a Doctor! yay!!




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